Best Start To Life

(3 - 8 Years)

what is best start to life?

Best Start To Life is the time between the ages of 3-8 where children begin early childhood learning and move through their first years of primary school education. This time is an opportunity to support early learning such as oral language development, and early health habits through the Achievement Program.  

WHAT IS HANDS UP MALLEE DOING TO support 3 - 8 year olds (best start to life)?

Best Start To Life includes initiatives such as The Achievement Program, Smiles 4 Miles, and Captain Carrot and the Crusaders aimed at establishing healthy behaviours early on. Once at primary school local children are also involved in School Active Travel and the School Breakfast Partnership.

Hands Up Mallee works with early childhood centres, kindergartens and schools to embed healthy learning and can support healthier food choices through the Achievement Program menu assessment service and provide connected peer support for kitchen staff through the Cook's and Canteen Networks.