About the Community Leaders Table

Late in 2016, Hands Up Mallee put out a call for community leaders to form the Community Leaders Table (CLT), bringing a broad and balanced range of views to become our ‘sense makers’ , ‘direction setters’ and a conduit into and out of community.


The first task was to make sense of Mildura’s social health and wellbeing data and what 1600 local voices were saying in Community Conversations to help arrive at a common aspiration.

In the coming months, the Community Leaders Table will undergo a transformation to take on their next challenge, guiding the implementation of our communities joined up prevention and early intervention efforts through the approaches of citizens supporting citizens and by strengthening families.

The CLT will comprise of decision makers from government, business, philanthropy, nonprofits, citizens and academia.   They will meet regularly to formalise a structure, governance and plan in conjunction with the NMCP Executive and the HUM Backbone team to support and report back to community on HUM priorities, goals and measures.