hello baby

Welcoming baby and connecting them and their family to community


Hello Baby will welcome all babies born in Sunraysia equally and build community connections for families. 
Volunteers will deliver “welcome packs” in the days following birth, welcoming the child and family, opening a path to peer supported connection to community. 
Packs will contain essentials for a happy and equal start in the early days of life, with a focus on supporting parents and child in the critical First 1000 Days of life. 
Where possible “welcome packs” will contain items that are made locally or support other local organisations, furthering a connected community.

Hello Baby will benefit our community by: 
Working towards closing community identified gaps in social connection
Enhancing social connectedness, which has significant impact on a child’s health and wellbeing in the First 1000 Days
Positively benefiting parental mental health and resilience during challenging periods
Creating awareness of local networks, products and support for families
Ensuring all children have a valued and connected place in community
Increase community capabilities through volunteer training
Increase awareness of the importance of prioritising the First 1000 Days
Hello Baby is our community’s opportunity for a positive, connected future for all of our children.

hello BABY is a project in partnership with:

Little Connections