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We know that parents find the early years a challenge and describe it as a time when they need more support regarding how to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours in their children. The Infant program is now available in Mildura to support parents in developing healthy eating and active play behaviours in their children right from the start.

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The infant Program

The Infant Program has been developed by Deakin University and aims to promote healthy eating and active play behaviours in parents and their children. Emphasis is placed on improving knowledge, skills, and strategies known to promote healthy eating (feeding styles and types of food provided) and active play (physical activity and reduced screen time) across these early years. A strong emphasis is placed on parental modelling of healthy lifestyle behaviours.

The program consists of 6 classes, run at different stages of your baby's development, from 3-18 months of age.

The program is run in existing social groups and helps improve your knowledge and skills around infant feeding and active play.

A trained health professional will support you and provide information and advice.

The skills developed through the Infant program will also help you carry on healthy behaviours through future stages of your child's development.

Sessions are run at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months as your child moves through key development stages. At the final 12 month session you will be provided with fact sheets for ages 15 and 18 months.

The life long skills learned through the Infant program can benefit your whole family.

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Infant classes are run in Mildura by the Sunraysia Community Health Services Allied Health Team, in collaboration with Hands Up Mallee and the Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) Maternal and Child Health Services team.

The Infant Program classes are currently run in conjunction with MRCC first time parent's classes.


What does it cost to participate in the Infant Program?
The Infant Program is free of charge for all participants.

Where can I attend the Infant Program in Mildura?
In Mildura the first session of the Infant Program runs from the Maternal and Child Health First Time Parent's Classes. But don't worry if you are not part of a First Time Parents Class, you can still participate in the Infant Program.
The first session is located at the Maternal Child Health Centre in Mildura South. The following five sessions are located at Sunraysia Community Health Services in Thirteenth Street, Mildura.

Do I have to be a first time parent to participate in the Infant program?
No. The Infant Program has been designed for all parents and caregivers to attend, no matter how many children you may have.
The only requirement is that your youngest child/children be aged between 8 & 14 weeks for the first Infant session.

Is the Infant Program only for Mums to attend?
No. We encourage both Mums and/or Dads to participate in the infant sessions. Caregivers, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, and other family members are also welcome to attend.

Who facilitates the Infant Program?
A Public Health Nutritionist from Hands Up Mallee facilitates the Infant Program in Mildura.

Should I bring my baby to the sessions?
You are encouraged to bring your baby/babies along to the sessions. At each session you will have opportunity to participate in activities with your baby/babies, and it is a wonderful opportunity to socialise with other little community members!

What else should I bring with me to the sessions?
We will provide you with a parent handbook at your first session to take home with you. We recommend that you bring this along to each of the following sessions.

We also recommend bringing a blanket for your baby to lie on for some of the activities.

What happens if I can't attend a session that I am signed up for?
Contact Jade Klaebe on 03 5022 5444, we will try to add you to the next available session.

It will be important to fit you into a session as close as possible to your scheduled session to ensure the class is effective for the age and stage your child is at at the time.

Where can I find more information about the Infant Program?
You can find more information by clicking below. This link also leads to Infant session videos, which you can access and watch at any time - these provide guidance and support on nutrition and active play for your baby at each stage of their development.


Jade Klaebe - Public Health Nutritionist

Phone: 03 5022 5444