beginning in september 2015...

five Transitional Working Groups were set up to develop the underlying foundations of the Hands Up Mallee initiative. One of those groups was tasked with consulting across the partnership to come up with a set of principles that would guide the work of HUM.
These are the official principles of Hands Up Mallee.

BAsset 1.png


Valuing and including community diversity strengthens relationships and builds trust

  • Value and cater for diversity
  • Act with integrity, compassion and empathy
  • Collaborate and build trust to strengthen commitment and ownership
  • View children, youth, and families as drivers of change
  • Empower people, families, youth, and children to take charge of their lives
  • Respect and promote the
    self-determination of Aboriginal Australians


Sharing ownership of the Common Agenda aligns resources to improve community outcomes

  • Engage all community in creating solutions to address the Common Agenda
  • Coordinate efforts and align resources to address the Common Agenda and its underlying inequities 
  • Map the bug picture so all can see where their work or responsibility links to the Common Agenda 
  • Provide support for the short and long term
  • Ensure partnerships, teamwork and processes are effective and efficient

Continuous Improvement

Learning, leading and innovating builds community capacity, for Collective Impact


  • Ensure our actions are mutually reinforcing to solve complex problems
  • Evaluate, innovate and adapt to get the best results
  • Build on existing evidence to achieve better outcomes
  • Use multiple ways to participate, communicate and coordinate effort
  • Listen, learn and lead for continuous improvement



Keeping ourselves and each other accountable to the Common Agenda ensures quality outcomes for our community

  • Adapt a shared responsibility to achieve the best outcomes
  • Develop and use a Shared Measurement System
  • Use measurement and feedback to ensure high performance
  • Inspire and inform the community
  • Share our community's progress