7 Simple Acts of Kindness for World Kindness Day



Hands Up Mallee is all about creating positive change in our community, and World Kindness Day is a perfect reminder that small positive steps are the way to lasting change.
We all do kind things without thinking, but sometimes we need a little nudge to put our kindness into action.

We've come up with some easy, but impactful ways to spread the kindness today.


  1. Take a minute to praise a parent, you could compliment their child's good behaviour or their ability to keep calm if their child isn't coping so well that day.
  2. Help someone who is struggling with their shopping, sometimes people don't buy the things they need because they simply can't carry them home. A few minutes out of your day could mean someone doesn't go without.
  3. Buy a suspended coffee, when you buy your coffee instead of buying just one cup of coffee, you buy (two or more). One for you and One for someone in need. The barista gives you your coffee, and records the second coffee as “suspended” ready for when someone in need puts their hand up.
  4. Leave a positive review for a local business online. It's always easy for people to leave negative reviews, and too easy to forget the positive experiences. Uplift our hardworking local businesses by letting everyone know about how they made your day better.
  5. Pass on a book that you found inspiring to someone you think it will uplift, don't be afraid to leave notes in the margins so they know how it made you feel.

There are a million little acts of kindness we can do today, or any day. They all add up to have a big impact on our community.