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Health and wellbeing is everyone's business. By embedding it in the culture of our schools we will have happier, healthier students achieving better outcomes and happy, healthy teachers and staff supporting students to reach their full potential.

Healthy young people learn more effectively. By creating a healthy learning environment we are helping local students make the most of their education. Instilling healthy habits in young people during their formative years not only boosts their health and learning potential, it sets them up for a lifetime of good health. The Achievement Program also recognises the importance of having healthy staff, by signing up schools are boosting the wellbeing of everyone in the school.

A health promoting school approach is more than implementing selective health and wellbeing activities, even though these are important a systems and social impact approach has broader reaching impact. This involves integrating health in planning and policies, creating a healthy culture and environment, and involving the whole school - students, staff, teachers and families in the process, while forging connected relationships with the local community.

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The Achievement Program

The Achievement Program provides simple, evidence-based framework to create a healthy learning environment and support the health and wellbeing of everyone in your school. Help students develop to their full potential.

Developed by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education and Training, the initiative can be easily incorporated into your strategic and annual planning and self-evaluation processes. Implementing the achievement program is also a great way to enhance student engagement and wellbeing outcomes.

Even if you’re already doing great things to promote health and wellbeing at your school, the Achievement Program helps you build on this, and achieve recognition from the Victorian Government as a Healthy School.

The Achievement Program is based on the World Health Organization’s model for health promoting schools, an internationally recognised best practice approach for enhancing health, learning and development outcomes.

Quick Start guide

The Achievement Program quick start guide (1MB) provides a quick and easy summary of what is required at each stage of the Achievement Program – Coordinate, Create and Celebrate. It’s useful for explaining what’s involved and is more than just an introduction to the Achievement Program. It also directs your service to more detailed information and tools, so you can use it from registration to recognition.

The Achievement Program was developed to be complementary to the NQS. Click here to download a document that explains exactly how the two align. All seven Quality Areas are supported by the Achievement Program. The benchmarks encourage a range of actions from creating community partnerships to incorporating health and wellbeing into Quality Improvement Plans.

learn from others

The Achievement Program launched in 2012, and has since been seeing benefits for participants. Visit the Achievement Program Case Study to see the healthy changes that other schools are making, including some insights from local school Red Cliffs Secondary College.

In 2016, with a focus on the Healthy Eating and Oral Health priority area Hands Up Mallee has been working in partnership with school canteen managers across Sunraysia. With the goal of increasing the range of healthy menu options offered in school settings and sharing recipes, resources and new ideas we have created our own Healthy School Canteen Recipe Collection. All recipes included in this collection are canteen made recipes from our very own local school canteen managers.

health promoting schools

A number of local Schools have already made the commitment to creating healthy environments for our children to learn and play.

See the list below to see who is already on board!


  • Cardross Primary School

  • Irymple Primary School

  • Irymple South Primary School

  • Koorlong Primary School

  • Mildura Primary School

  • Mildura South Primary School

  • Mildura West Primary School

  • Nangiloc Colignan & District Primary School

  • Nichols Point Primary School

  • Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School Merbein

  • Ranfurly Primary School

  • Red Cliffs East Primary School

  • Red Cliffs Primary School

  • Sacred Heart Primary School Mildura

  • St Joseph Primary School Red Cliffs

  • St Pauls Primary School

  • Sunnycliffs Primary School

  • The Lake Primary School

  • Underbool Primary School


  • Merbein P-10

  • Mildura Specialist School

  • Ouyen P-12 College

  • Trinity Lutheran College

  • Werrimul P-12 School


  • Chaffey Secondary School

  • Irymple Secondary College

  • Mildura Senior College

  • Murrayville Community College

  • Red Cliffs Secondary College

  • St Joseph’s College

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON the achievement program CONTACT:

Rachael Longeri - Health Promotion Officer

Phone: 03 5025 9604