Young Carer
& Sibling

Support Group

Our young carer and sibling support group...

... was the brain child of one of our Youth leadership Table members who is a young girl with a sister who has a disability.

We would like it to be a group that young carers and siblings can attend for peer support, emotional respite and social connection. 

Organisations around Mildura have shown interest in supporting this group as there are gaps in the current coordination of carer support in regards to young carers who often fall through the gaps.

A forum will be held in the new year to engage young carers to see what they need from local services. This will kick off the set up of the support group.

Once the group is set up and appears to be sustainable we would like to teach members of the group how to facilitate, as we aim to move toward a peer led model of support.

The group will be for 15-25 year olds initially, it will be as inclusive as possible including anyone who considers themselves a carer, whether that be formal or informal, and we include mental illness in our definition of a disability.