The First 1,000 Days

Hands Up Mallee is working with the community, businesses and services to ensure that all children in our region have a healthy, safe and welcome start to life.

In order to achieve this we are currently talking to the community and local service providers. This information has helped us build a systems map, and from this map we will be able to see what areas can be changed to influence a better start to life for our newest community members.



What is the first 1000 days

The first 1,000 days is a time is the time from conception to two years old. This time is a unique window of opportunity to shape healthier and happier futures for the children of our community.

why are the first 1,000 days important

The first 1,000 days is a time of great opportunity and vulnerability. The right food, support and environment during this time can ensure a better future for our children and our community.


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